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High school learner or entrepreneur, there's an enthusiastic learner in all of us. All we need is the right environment and some encouragement to soar!
We have seen the difference just a bit of consistency and inspiration can make in anyone's life.  At Vertex we have no staff turnover, guaranteeing the style and energy will remain as it was on your very first day. Whatever it is that we need to learn, understanding and practice goes a long way to achieving mastery.  Vertex aims to help you get the most out of your education, in a PRACTICAL way, helping you make sense of theory through interactive discussion, seeing the outcomes when you get "hands-on" applying your knowledge and skill, all with the security of on-going supervision. 
We work with groups of no more than 4 individuals at one time, so that each person gets the best possible learning experience, with minimal disruption and the opportunity to focus on problem areas. Learners with acute learning barriers are recommended to consider one-on-one sessions for maximum benefit. 
With high school learners our focus is on reinforcing knowledge and building skill in weaker areas of work, rather than full repetition of classroom material. 
Our skills development courses for home-based salons puts great emphasis on applying techniques in real situations, exposing learners to working with clients in an environment similar to the one in which they will eventually practice.
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