Home Salon

Training for home-based salons

Whether you'd like to start your business from scratch or enhance your existing skills or service menu, we've got something to suit your every need.
We offer instruction in simple techniques that can get you started with the bare minimum equipment, such as Threading or Pamper Treats, suitable for everyone from the teenager needing pocket money, to the product consultant who would like to add a competitive edge to her business.
More advanced courses are available for the serious entrepreneur seeking a long-term and satisfying career in wellness, such as Body Massage or Skincare. 
Our rates cover the possibility of individual training structured to suit your own personal schedule, as well as the option of saving while you wait for a group to mobilise and train together on weekends or public  holidays. 
Fees indicated are inclusive of course notes and materials used during your visit with us. Additional equipment and treatment media may need to be purchased at additional cost to enable your to practice at home. For more information about these requirements do get in touch with us.

Group Training & discounted rates

Selected dates have been pre-reserved to allow co-ordination of groups.
Discounted rates will only be confirmed when the required number of individuals have secured their training with a 50% deposit (based on 1-on-1 rate) 2 weeks in advance of the first training date. 
Deposits are non-refundable in the event of cancellation by the student.
To view proposed dates please click here.
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